some revolutions start out like this
and darling this city's on fire


when big strong male character #1 straight up tells feisty strong female character #2 that she needs his protection, you know crap’s gonna go down.


i’ve been playing with this idea of how to restart my story

i still have yet to actually DO it




Your antagonist and protagonist switch places for a day. How disastrous are the results?

acheron would take one look at his teenage-human-boy-ness and just die. bane would actually be really good at running the country. 



fo porter by cameron davis

"Madness in kings is common. In fact, I think sanity in kings must be rare. Gilgamesh went crazy. Nabodinus was crazy. You ask me, Pharaoh was crazy in every story I ever heard about him.
And I understand this. I understand it because I have looked into the face of Cyrus the Persian and into the face of Nabodinus, and I know that kings are alone, utterly alone. I have looked into the face of Gregory Belkin, a king in his own right, and I saw this same isolation and terrible weakness; there is no mother, there is no father, there is no limit to power, and disaster is the portion of kings."

Servant of the Bones, by Anne Rice (via aseasyaslying)


is it too late to be raised by wolves

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